Why Ms Experssion?

There’s an anonymous saying about errors: «Never say: ‘Oops’. Always say: ‘Ah, interesting’». I agree with this saying. An error is fertile and riddled with meanings; it’s a signal that our artistic right brain hemisphere is struggling to be in charge of our actions superseding the logic of our left hemisphere, with the goal of seeking a good balance between both hemisphere roles.

My name is a tribute to a holistically generated expression based on creativity, visual and non-conventional means. Take a briefing and work on it according to these coordinates: you’ll get a clean and powerful communication.

Tell us something about you…

I grew up in the North of Spain and through my studies and professional experience I got to know the creative and business environment of cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona, among others. My 15 year career is now focused on graphic design, although I’ve worked in fashion too. I’ve undertaken many editorial design, packaging and web design projects, but my main interest now is corporate identity.

What is the basis of your work?

The principles that underpin my design work are simplicity, freshness and hedonism, always applied in a way that allows effective communication and positivism. All these are the result of a thorough analysis and good understanding of the peculiarities of the project. Generally, in my expression I search for a fine articulation of the visual language combined with stylistically innovative ways to communicate and serve the purpose of the project.

Tell us about your professional career up to now.

I believe that in my professional journey from design studios to advertising agencies and other companies, I’ve developed a good understanding of the most relevant aspects of design: the functional, aesthetic, communicative and, of course, commercial value. My portfolio includes works for many different sectors, from luxury fashion to non profit organizations and food industry brands, as well as cultural and industrial design products. Some of my clients are: BIMBA Y LOLA, CH Carolina Herrera, Purificación García, Font Vella, Lanjarón and Viceroy.

How do you handle your daily routine as a designer?

I greatly enjoy my everyday professional life and always seek a good relationship with my clients. Design is an exciting process of problem solving that has to serve every particular project’s needs.

That’ll be all for now, Ms Experssion. Thanks for coming.

Thank you for your interest.

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